Sep 23

Anonymous said: Fun times in SE Michigan! Go to Marvin's Miraculous Mechanical Museum, Cranbrook, see the Diego Rivera murals at the DIA, and the 60's era dioramas at the exhibit museum on the U-M campus.

Oh man! If for any tragic reason I ever have to leave this apartment, I’ll definitely venture out that way.

(I forgot the Diego Rivera murals were out here!)



Sep 22

Wait. So University of Michigan’s symbol is an “M”, and the other university’s symbol is a flipped over M. A “W”.

Keeping it surreal, Michigan.

This Helvetica is out of control.

I kind of feel like I’ve died.

I’m getting a real death/I’m dead vibe.

I’m not sure synesthetic associations really mean anything essential, but there is a definite advantage to having a consciousness that is association-rich anyway.

The weirdly fascist Michigan Stadium reminds me that my first kiss was under an Ohio Buckeyes flag.

I just saw a house that was the palest lilac color, and behind it, one that was ripping purple. Fuck machine guns ripping purple. Jesus.

Ann Arbor is so pretty, I’m going to vomit forever.

Where is the DORKEN building?

Right by the American Tooling Center.

There is a kind of hot dog/autumn leaves/fires of hell color scheme to central Michigan that is real strange to me. Menacing, even. Like I’m trapped in level 5 1/2 in some video game and I really shouldn’t be there. I’m enjoying this too much.