I was going to say, “Thurston Moore takes a break from selling jeans to play a classic Sonic Youth song.” But then I saw the Levi’s ad at the end of the video. haha

Thurston playing by himself reminds me of the first time I ever played “Schizophrenia” on guitar. The tuning was insane. When I played those harmonics for the first time, it was really like hearing the guitar for the first time. I was sitting in my friend’s bedroom with him and his little brother, and everything just stopped. It was a life-altering moment.

Sonic Youth and company try out the DOD Grunge Pedal. This brings back ancient memories.

I remember the first time I heard “Teenage Riot”. Eddie Vedder took over the alternative station in my city and was spinning records. I had only ever heard of Sonic Youth, from Nirvana interviews and things. Once, I saw a boy in Champaign with a t-shirt.

When I heard the song, it was so fuzzy and dreamy my 14 year old brain just did not know how to process it. What did I hear? Little of the song I know today. It’s like my ears needed glasses.

Changed my life.